Real money slots

Slots are the staple of any major casino whether it happens to be in an online casino, a real bricks and mortar casino or your local pub that has a few slot machines. These games are really the casino game that the general public look for, this is down to the fact that they have a good number of advantages from the fact that they are so simple to use, they are cheap as chips and have a number of fun themes to choose from which makes everyone a winner time after time. Slots are fun whether they are played for free or real money, but only real money slots have the opportunity to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. Playing slots online or in real life can really be a life changing event for many people, who knows if today could be your lucky day!

Slots come in all shapes and themes and can cost as little or as much as you can afford, this is something that is really attractive about real money slots.  Slots were first invented back in the 1800’s by an American man named Charles Fey, the first slot machine for money was a very simple machine with a lever that could be pulled after the money was inserted to start the symbols turning on the reels. The main symbols used back in the olden days were the liberty bell, cherries, jokers and other fruits plus the bar symbol. The liberty bell is the iconic symbol which along with some other symbols can still be found in slot machines today especially the classic slots. Slots have come a long long way since then, with the birth of online casinos playing real money slots evolved and has never been easier or more fruitful. Slot machines or one arm bandits as they were nicknamed due to their lever and habit of stealing the money of the losing players, are a much more rare breed in today’s age with video slots, jackpot slots and bonus slots taking over. Although some classic style slots can still be played in casinos and even online, these slots remained true to their roots but are still a lot more advanced and even more fun to play.

What types of real money slots are there?

As mentioned above slots are no longer just the classic style slots with a few simple symbols and no frills added. Slots today are advanced forms of gaming software and also have a story telling theme to them which gives players something to strive for besides just winning some real money prizes. Of course the gist of the game is the same, deposit money, spin the reels and make matching symbol combinations which are called bet lines or more recently bet ways in some of the newer casino slots. The whole idea of creating this setting and theme in a slot game is to leave the player wanting to see what the characters will do next or what animation will appear if they hit the big wins or get to one of the amazing feature rounds that so many of the online slots have these days. So what are the slots to look out for?

Jackpot slots: These slots are arguably the ones to play if you want to win money beyond your wildest imagination. These play in the same way other video slots are played and have the same type of theme and setting with animations, characters and some features but in the background of there real money slots you will find that there is a huge jackpot prize filling up and just waiting to be won. This works by the online casino or software provider who is running the slot in question putting a small percentage of every single bet made by every single player into the pool to create huge amounts of money, many times this hits the millions. Why does the amount get so high? Well that’s simply because everyone would love to win a lot of money so with the same thought process everyone automatically plays these jackpot slots.

Bonus slots: These are video slots that can be played for real money, but of course they are also available when playing online to play for free to have a test and see if you really want to invest your time and money in this game, once you have decided and start playing this slot then there is a whole lot of fun and prize winning in store for you. So the slot plays as normal, spinning reels to win some and lose some but when you get the bonus symbols on the screen you are taken to the bonus feature. This more often than not will have a lot more chances to win money plus it will be a fun to play as it is mostly played on a different platform with fun features and ways to win.

Classic slots: These are the ones that have stayed true to their roots the most, and are mainly set in old school diners and settings that would have been where they were first played, man also boast a lever on the side to look like one arm bandits even if they are played in online casinos. Although the classic slots of today are the simplest of slot machines they still have a few tricks up their sleeve that makes playing them online for real money well worth any slot lovers while.

Whatever the slot tickles your fancy you can rest assure that the real money winning potential that today’s online casino slots offer is above and beyond expectations. So start off with playing a few slots from each genre for free to get the feel before depositing your funds into the slot you choose. Even paying for slots these days is easy, before the only way to pay was through cash but with the online casino slots you can choose from a huge selection of easy and secure ways of transferring your money to play the real money slots that suit you. Good luck and enjoy playing slot machines wherever you are.